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Ever wanted a guitar built just for you? Something you can't buy off the shelf because it doesn't exist? Thinking you can't afford to have a custom built guitar? I'm going to be looking for a project soon so here is your chance. The picture is my last five scratch builds that were specifically ordered by customers. Most stock guitars don’t give you the choice of neck profile, not so with me. The red Billy-Bo looks similar to the stock instrument, but the neck is really chunky because that’s what the customer ordered. Everything is hand made and hand finished, so they don’t look like the factory plastic-dipped guitars, they have more… character, yeah, that’s it. I don’t have any fancy equipment and I’m still improving my techniques, so here’s the chance to get what you want for a great price. A $250 deposit gets the ball rolling, REGULAR updates on the build as it progresses. Email me at eman@eman-guitars.com No idea too silly.





Happy customers!!!!!

happy customers